The Roller’s Restaurant was founded in 1986 by food enthusiast and talented chef Paul Roller. The restaurant was focused on American-influenced dishes and drinks, especially the ones involving seafood. Roller’s was open all week long except Mondays. 

Roller’s Restaurant at the Flying Fish was a one-of-a-kind neighbourhood treasure. Located at the heart of Chestnut Hill, the restaurant was surrounded by places of historical importance, old victorian mansions, and gardens. The location could not have been more perfect for a welcoming establishment! 

Since the restaurant opened it quickly became the local hit among residents of the community. People came to Roller’s to enjoy superb food and drinks and occasional live music performances. Whether you were a Chestnut resident or a traveller, you should have visited the place to see for yourself all the great things Roller’s had to offer! 

It was all about the chef!

Roller’s Restaurant was a passion child of Chef Paul Roller. Paul Roller has more than 37 years of experience in the restaurant industry. He started his journey years ago, first helping to clean up the mussels at another local restaurant. Paul Roller opened his first restaurant in 1986 not far away from the last location.

Paul loves cooking and is a music fan, that is why when coming to Rollers for dinner on certain nights, you may see his friends performing live. If you wanted to please yourself and the chef, ordering his favourite dish – soft-shelled crab was an excellent way to show your appreciation.

The food you will love

Raul Roller had mastered and perfected numerous sea-food recipes over the years. When you came to Roller’s Restaurant at the Flying Fish, you were expecting to enjoy such dishes as broiled salmon with grilled baby leeks, black olives, tomatoes & basil, baked flounder topped with jumbo lump crabmeat gratin and many other exquisitely cooked main courses. 

If you wanted to treat yourself to appetizers, go for the pumpkin ravioli with sage. This dish is full of spicy flavor and is very satisfying. For those of you who love classic recipes, there was a must-try French onion soup praised by everyone who tries it. 

The drinks served at the Roller’s were fine-picked to accompany the dishes. Visitors enjoyed local Bloody Mary served with bacon and tasty olives to spice up your dinner even more! 

Roller’s welcomed all! 

Roller’s was a perfect place for casual dinners with family or friends, but it was also an ideal venue for a more romantic dinner with a special someone. No matter the mood or time of the day, no one regretted coming to Roller’s! 

Unfortunately, Paul Roller had to close his restaurant due to health complications. The chef is optimistic he will reopen the establishment some times soon. And he hopes it will be in the same neighborhood!